All About Short Selling Your Home.

If you are gathering information about short selling your home, you have come to the right Web Site. I have an idea how you might be feeling right now as the same thing happened to me almost 20 years ago … it changed my life.

I discovered back then what is referred to as a “Short Sale” today, and I went about learning all I could about this wonderful vehicle that stops foreclosure and protects your credit. I spent months researching the lenders, their loss mitigation departments and accumulated that information in my database.

Today I’m considered one of the nation’s leading experts in negotiating with banks on behalf of distressed home owners.

The proof of a Short Sale Specialist is in the number of home that our team has closed as a short sale. Click on the “Our Listing” tab above to see the entire list of homes we have closed escrow on and our recent short sale listings. See other homeowners we are representing out of their NIGHTMARE.

My team specializes in persuading banks to pause the foreclosure process so the home can be sold. Our Client care department works closely with you and your family to insure that your short sale process is done with dignity, trust, and respect for your family.

That way you avoid losing any equity you may still have; or, if you’re upside-down we’ll negotiate a “Short Sale”! In the case of a “Short Sale” your lender will pay for 100% of the selling costs…PLUS you can stay in the home during the short sale process at no cost … sometimes for many months!

Remember… you can have the nations #1 short sale expert, and my team, going to work to prevent your foreclosure, save your credit, gets you up to 3 more months in the home…all at NO COST TO YOU!

Whether or Not You Have Any Equity Left in Your Home An Aggressive Marketing Campaign Needs To Be Launched Immediately! Our budget provides for the aggressive marketing campaign your home deserves, one that will generate offers! We handle more bank negotiations than any other agent in the nation.

When 85% of real estate agents got their license in the past 8 years … how did they get their bank negotiation experience? They didn’t! They’ve never experienced a down market! I’ve been involved in over 6,000 transactions representing borrower’s in borrower–lender negotiations and my experience has proven that right now …

You Only Have 4 Options Available to You!

1. Make up the back payments… before the trustee’s sale and the process is stopped. Making up the back payments would be throwing good money after a bad investment that’s going to get worse! Any home that was purchased since 2003 is now WORTH LESS than what was paid for it… and the bottom is nowhere in sight! NOT RECOMMENDED!

2. Declare bankruptcy. Do not even think of filing a bankruptcy until you talk to me to learn the dirty little secret that bankruptcy attorneys would kill to keep you from knowing about! Declare a bankruptcy and you’ll end up with a bankruptcy and a foreclosure… together that’s like a nuclear blast to your credit! NOT RECOMMENDED!

3. Do nothing. You’ll be foreclosed on which will cause you to suffer the highest interest rates on everything you buy for the next 10 years. Forget about buying a new car, appliances, furniture and anything else without being treated like a second class citizen and forced to pay ridiculously high interest rates! NOT RECOMMENDED! But, if you want to STOP the foreclosure, have MORE TIME in the home, and SAVE your credit …

4. Take action! Call me right now to stop the foreclosure, save your credit and get you up to 3 more months in the home! All With No Cost To You… Zero! Put the nations #1 bank negotiator and my team of caring professionals to work for you…and the only real estate agent that has the experience to perform!


That’s right. Your lender is willing to have me negotiate the sale of your home for less than the amount you owe, including any prepayment penalties and accept whatever they get as payment in full. I’ll even have them pay for your back property taxes, delinquent HOA dues, junior liens, and more! Remember…

Property Values Are Predicted To Drop Another

10% To 15% Over The Next 12 Months! It doesn’t matter how much you owe; or how little your property is now worth. Your lender will consider the “short-sale” offer we present. In 2008 our average loan writes off was $246,000… the most was $920,000… all at no cost to the home owners.

You May Be Skeptical, Most Of Our Clients Were Too At First … But They All Ended Up Thrilled with our personal service, Relieved to have our team take over and gratefull to be out of their nightmare!

To have a “Short sale” approved you need two things: A hardship and an offer to purchase your home.

What’s a hardship?

Reduced income, medical bills, business failures, job transfers, divorce, separation, a bigger family, etc. I know how to structure a hardship your lender will accept!

I gave you your four options, but there’s really only one good choice where you can expect to get something positive out of this. So don’t wait to put a team of professionals to work for you. If we’re not successful … WE’RE PAID NOTHING … ZERO!

You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose… But So Much To Gain… With Just One Call or e-mail!

We’ll handle all negotiations with your lender; they will deal directly with us – which means nomore stress for you! Don’t talk to your lender! They’ll get you to say and do things that are not in your best interest. Once my team is on board … we’ll deal with your lenders!

I know you’re being buried with letters, postcards, flyers web sites about Short Sale Specilist… maybe even people knocking at your door trying to get you to deed your home to them. If you want more information but don’t want to feel pressured call our toll free “Short Sale Solution” hotline below for a 4 minute recorded message that will give you useful information that you can depend on.

…Call TOLL FREE 1 (800) 900-5280 ID# 8880!

Handling a “short-sale” property is a different process that requires specialized knowledge. Everymajor newspaper has repeatedly reported that the surest way to have your lender accept a short-sale request is by having it presented by someone who specializes in short-sales. Remember… I pioneered the “Short sale” to protect myself during the last real estate downturn 20 years ago.

P.S. Your property taxes are coming due soon… DON’T PAY THEM! I’ll arrange to have your lender pay the property taxes so you’ll have that much MORE MONEY to start building over with!

CALL MY CELL! (949) 533-7653

“No other agent in the nation has our experience in preventing foreclosure, saving your credit and getting you some “Start over” money.

Lawrence Belland
Short Sale Specialist